Terms & Conditions

Comfydays Underwear, Comfydays., located at (7083AP) Voorst at Grensweg 19, KVK number: 85378542, VAT identification number: NL 004087371 B 14, (maureen@comfydaysunderwear.com)
1. Definitions
1.1 Customer: the person with whom Comfydays has entered into an agreement.
1.2 Parties: Comfydays Underwear and the customer together.
1.3 Consumer: a customer who is also an individual acting as a private person
1.4 You should read these Conditions before placing an order. When you order
products from Comfydays Underwear, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
2. Applicability of general terms and conditions
2.1 These Conditions shall apply to all quotations, offers, activities, orders,
agreements and deliveries of services or products by or on behalf of Comfydays
2.2 Comfydays Underwear is entitled to refuse orders or to request additional
information. If an order is not accepted, this shall be communicated without
stating the reason.
2.3 The parties may only deviate from these conditions if they have expressly
agreed to do so in writing.
3. Prices and shipping costs
3.1 All prices charged by Comfydays Underwear shall be in euros and exclusive of
any other costs such as administration costs, levies and travel, shipping or
transport costs, unless expressly stated otherwise or agreed otherwise.
3.2 Invoice exempt from OB pursuant to section 25 of the Dutch OB Act.
3.3 All prices used by Comfydays Underwear for its products or services, on its
website, social media or otherwise made known, Comfydays Underwear may change
at any time.
3.4 Increases in the cost prices of products or parts thereof, which Comfydays
Underwear could foresee at the time of making the offer or entering into the
agreement, may give rise to price increases.
3.5 The consumer has the right to dissolve an agreement as a result of a price
increase as referred to in paragraph 3, unless the increase is the result of a
statutory regulation.
3.6 If you decide to cancel all or part of your order we will not refund the
shipping costs.
4.1 After placing an order, the customer will receive a confirmation email stating
the total cost, including shipping costs. Payment is always made in full in
4.2 The customer authorizes Comfydays Underwear to perform all actions necessary
for payment to be made by the method chosen by the customer.
5. Right
of Withdrawal
5.1 Products
may be returned within 14 days of delivery without giving a reason. Comfydays
Underwear may ask for a reason but the customer is not obliged to give it.
5.2 Returns may be refused at any time if they do not comply with the return policy
of Comfydays Underwear.
5.3 Products purchased with more than 25% discount can only be returned for store
credit to be spent on comfydaysunderwear.com
6.1 Delivery is made while supplies last.
6.2 Delivery of products ordered online takes place at the address specified by the
Delivery time
7.1 The delivery time of all Comfydays Underwear products shall be a maximum of 5
working days (excluding holidays) unless otherwise communicated or the product
is ordered on pre-order.
7.2 The delivery times quoted by Comfydays Underwear are indicative and if exceeded
shall not entitle the customer to dissolution or damages, unless the parties
have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
7.3 The delivery time commences when the customer has completed the (electronic)
ordering process and has received an (electronic) confirmation thereof from
Comfydays Underwear.
7.4Exceeding the stated delivery time shall not entitle the customer to
compensation or the right to dissolve the agreement.
7.5 If a product is ordered by a customer during a pre-order, the delivery time is a
maximum of 3 weeks.
Packaging and shipping
8.1 If the packaging of a delivered product has been opened or damaged, the customer
must, before taking delivery of the product, have the carrier or delivery
person make a note of this, failing which Comfydays Underwear cannot be held
liable for any damage.
8.2 If the client provides its own transport of a product, it shall report any visible
damage to the products or packaging to Comfydays Underwear prior to transport,
failing which Comfydays Underwear cannot be held liable for any damage.
9.1 The client shall examine a product delivered or service provided by Comfydays
Underwear for any shortcomings as soon as possible.
9.2 If a product delivered or service rendered does not meet what the client might
reasonably expect from the agreement, the client must inform Comfydays
Underwear of this as soon as possible, but in any event within 10 days of
discovering the shortcoming.
9.3 The client shall provide as detailed a description as possible of the shortcoming,
including photographic evidence, so that Comfydays Underwear is able to respond
9.4 The customer must demonstrate that the complaint relates to an agreement between
the parties.
Amendment of the agreement
10.1 If after the conclusion of the agreement for its execution it appears necessary to
amend or supplement its content, both parties shall amend the agreement
accordingly in good time and in mutual consultation.
Amendment of general terms and conditions
11.1 Comfydays Underwear is entitled to amend or supplement these general terms and
11.2 Amendments of minor importance may be made at any time.
11.3 Major substantive amendments shall be discussed by Comfydays Underwear as far
as possible with the client.
11.4 The client shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in the event of a
substantial amendment to the general conditions.